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If you are looking for someone to encourage you and help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals, look no further.  Fitness4Moms & Women has been focusing on meeting the particular needs of our clients for over 6 years.  Whether you simply want to get in shape or lose some weight, we can put together a customized training program for you as we can reach your goals together. 


Fitness4Moms & Women is extremely committed to providing our clients with First-Class personal training that is guaranteed to be above and beyond expectation! 


Media - The Rachael Ray Show - "Health-Swap"

Cheyenne & Scott Prawdzik will be featured guests on

The Rachael Ray Show March 5, 2014.


TOPIC: "HEALTH-SWAP" (click to view entire show)

Rachael’s spending some time in a different kitchen today – she and First Lady Michelle Obama are making Sweet Potato Soup in the White House! Then, we’re challenging two families with drastically different eating habits to try each other’s menus for a week and experience a new lifestyle.

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Find out more about our services and our specialized training programs. Our Fitness4Moms & Women elite cutting-edge fitness programs, fat blasting food plans & exercise regimens are all custom designed to help you achieve the body of your dreams. 

Client Referral Fitness Reward Program

Because we truly appreciate and respect our clients, as a thank you we offer our members the elite “Fitness4Moms & Women Client Referral Fitness Reward Program”.
Our elite Fitness4Moms & Women client referral fitness reward program is designed to be a “win/win” for both our amazing members, as well as for Fitness4Moms & Women.
What you see is what you get with us. We pride ourselves on “NO HIDDEN GIMMICKS”! You will actually get to workout for FREE with us. Continue reading to see how it works:

About Your Trainer

My name is Cheyenne Medina-Prawdzik and the proud owner of Fitness4Moms & Women; as well as, a 3x national fitness champion; a mom to two amazing angels; and a wife to my amazing husband and best friend.


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